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Circular Saw Segments

Circular Saw Segments Circular Saw Segments Circular Saw Segments Circular Saw Segments

Circular saw Segments are used to cut smaller size blocks. Size of the segment depends on size of machine, size of blank and cutting depth required. We Manufacturer Segment for Circular saw blank size ranging from 110mm to 2484mm ("4" to 2.5 mtr.).

We manufacturer Sandwich Segments and Multi Layer segments in all sizes to provide free cutting. Our Circular Saw segments are specially designed to reach the optimum output in producing high quality diamond impregnated segments for granite, marble, Limestone and concrete. Our Segments are suitable to cut all varieties of stones of different hardness.

Increase in sawing speed provides appreciable benefits in terms of operation costs like energy and reduced overheads. Our Segments are designed to increase the sawing speed with commensurate tool life thereby reducing operation costs and at same time these are very cost effective so it brings lowest sawing cost.

We have enhanced our manufacturing capabilities in such a way that we can provide very good quality circular saw tools at very low price even comparable with Chinese tools also.

We Manufacturer following type of Circular saw segments:
  • Marble : All kind of marble
  • Quarry Cutting/Ziri cutting tool for Mines (Especially in Kota, Tandur & Nimbahera)
  • Granite : Water Cutting & Oil Cutting
  • Sand Stone : Jodhpur, Hindon, Bayana & others
  • Lime Stone : Kota, Tandur
  • Slate stone
  • Concrete and Ceramics Cutting
  • Edge Cutting
  • Splitting
  • Calibrating
  • Block Cutting/ Slide Cutting & Polishing Tool