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Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade

Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade Frame Saw (Gang saw) Blade

For the precision cutting of natural stones, the gang saw blades of variable dimensions and capacities are serving all types of marbles and other materials plants (except granite) for well-shaped blocks.

Gang Saw Blades are used for manufacturing economically from slabs quarried blocks of soft stone, marble, travertine, lime stone etc. The segments can be arranged at regular or irregular intervals depending on service life, blade stability and surface quality of the slabs.

Our Gang Saw Blades have:
  • Improved tensile and straightening characteristics due to a suitable distribution of internal residual stresses
  • Better relaxation resistance by virtue of the improved elastic property, resulting in uniform high quality over a period of time
  • Specially developed to withstand the rigors of cutting marbles.
  • Extremely resistant to fatigue and wear
  • Offer straight and accurate cuts, hence offering excellent productivity Good weld ability and high resistance to cracking
  • Sharpened edges of the finished product minimizing wastage and resulting in improved productivity
  • Extremely good fatigue resistance (Longer Blade Life)
  • High transition temperature
  • High elongation resistance
  • Exceptional cutting performance

We supply marble gang saw blades which are made of special Nickel Steel or Carbon Steel. We supply All kind of Steel Strips (Gang saw/Frame Saw Blades) having Thickness of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm & 4mm, Imported as well as Indian make.